Tim Needham

Tim Needham is a structural geologist and managing director of Needham Geoscience. He has worked as a structural geologist in the petroleum industry since 1988. Before forming Needham Geoscience he has worked with:

Rock Deformation Research (RDR) | BP Exploration
Badley Earth Sciences | Robertson Research

A selection of Tim’s publications

Jones, G.E.D., Welbon, A.I.F., Mohammadiou, H., Sakharov, A. Ford, J., Needham, T. & Ottesen, C. 2022. Complex stratigraphic fill of a small, confined syn-rift basins: an Upper Jurassic example from offshore Mid-Norway. Geological Society, London, Special Publication 495

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Dalton, T.J.S. , Paton, D.A. & Needham, T. 2016. The influence of mechanical stratigraphy on multi-layer gravity collapse structures: insights from the Orange Basin, South Africa. In: Sabato Ceraldi, T., Hodgkinson, R. A. & Backe, G. (eds). Petroleum Geoscience of the West Africa Margin. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 438, 211-228.

Dalton, T.J.S. , Paton, D.A., Needham, T. & Hodgson, N. 2015. Temporal and spatial evolution of deepwater fold thrust belts: Implications for quantifying strain imbalance. Interpretation 3, SAA59-SAA70.

Goffey, G.P., Craig, J., Needham, T. & Scott, R. 2010. Fold–thrust belts: overlooked provinces or justifiably avoided? In: Goffey, G. P., Craig, J., Needham, T. & Scott, R. (eds) Hydrocarbons in Contractional Belts. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 348, 1–6.

Needham, T., Li, A., Carr. C., Schorr, G., Benmahiddi, S. & Pena, J-L. Faulting and fault sealing in the TAGI Formation of the Ourhoud field, Algeria. Petroleum Geoscience 14, 379-388.

Wenneberg, O.P., Malm, O., Needham T., Edwards, E., Ottesen, S., Karlsen, F., Rennan, L & Knipe, R. In press. On the occurrence and formation of open fractures in the Jurassic reservoir sandstones of the Snøhvit Field, Hammerfest Basin. Petroleum Geoscience 14, 139-150

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Yielding, G., Needham, T. & Jones, H. 1996. Sampling of fault populations using sub-surface data: a review. Journal of Structural Geology 18, 135-146.

Needham Geoscience are based in the village of Burley in Wharfedale, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, in the shadow of the famous Ilkley Moor. Communications are good with Leeds Bradford International Airport only about 15 minutes away.

There are good rail and road links with the nearby city of Leeds and the Yorkshire Dales are only a few minutes in the opposite direction.