Tim Needham

Tim Needham has carried out projects worldwide:

NW Europe | North Africa | West Africa | North America | South America | Middle East | India & Southeast Asia | Other areas

He has also delivered industry training courses both in field and classroom settings.

North America

Studies ranging across and integrating all scales of structures, including:

  • Regional structural assessment of the west Canadian sedimentary basin including integration of gravity and magnetic data.
  • Analysis of reservoir scale deformation in deepwater fields, Gulf of Mexico.
  • Analysis of fractures systems in Canadian Rockies foothills fields.
  • Seismic interpretation, balanced and restored cross-section construction, Canadian Rockies.
  • Analysis of fractured fields, west Texas.
  • Input to well planning for fractured reservoirs.

Middle East

Studies in the Middle East have been focused on fractured carbonate reservoirs:

  • Fracture description and integration with image logs and seismic scale structure for fields in west and north Kuwait
  • Structural core description, Zagros fields, Iran
  • Structural core description, Abu Dhabi fields, UAE
  • Block-scale structural restoration, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Fieldwork in the Zagros Mountains, Iran
  • Fieldwork in the SE Turkey
  • Fault seal study, Oman
  • Regional structural studies integrating remote sensing data, Zagros Mountains.

South America

  • Fault seal studies on fields and prospects, Venezuela.
  • Regional basin wide assessments Magdalena Valley, Colombia, Marañon and Ucayali Basins, Peru.
  • Structural restoration Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.
  • Wellbore stability/drilling study Colombia.

India, Pakistan & Southeast Asia

  • Fault seal studies on fields in the Gulf of Thailand and Natuna Sea.
  • Seismic interpretation and fault seal studies, Barmer & Krishna Godavari Basins, India.
  • Interpretation and restoration offshore Myanmar.
  • Seismic interpretation and structural restorations in Pakistan

Other areas

Other studies include:

  • Regional structural study of the East African Rift System.
  • Regional and field-scale structural study of the onshore Mozambique Basin.
  • Regional study of basins along the East African and Madagascan continental margins.
  • Fault seal and structural studies of fields in Trinidad.


Courses in structural geology, fault seal analysis and fractured reservoirs, including field trips, run in the UK, France, Norway, US, Algeria, Trinidad, Kuwait, Taiwan, Tunisia and Turkey. These are run via EPTS.